Nikon D850 vs Sony A7r3

Here is a short video by Tony and Chelsea Northrup comparing the Nikon D850 and Sony A7riii. Its clear that Sony comes out on top when comparing the image quality, view finders, stabilisation, silent shooting, battery life and other factors.

Both of these full frame cameras are the best that both Sony and Nikon offer currently. Comparing the image quality, focusing speed, battery life and various other factors, it is a testament to Sony how far they have come along in the digital camera market.

The A7r3 is very tempting to photographers who want to experience the mirrorless technology and all that it offers from electronic view finders to the lightweight bodies. Nikon is in the process of releasing it’s own full frame mirrorless camera and there are various leaks of the product already. Only time will tell how it fares against the behemoth that is the Sony A7R3.

Do you agree with the above findings and do you feel like Nikon has to hit a home run with it’s first mirrorless camera?