Company behind Meyer Optik files for bankruptcy

Net Se is the company behind Meyer Optik Görlitz, Emil Busch, Oprema Jena, C.P. Goerz, Ihagee Elbaflex and A. Schacht brands and it has just file for bankruptcy in Germany.

The company had applied to be de-listed on the German stock exchange in April of this year.

This is after a successful Kickstarter campaign of their “always in focus” 35mm lens to a tune of $70,000.

But on the 7th of august 2018, the company posted an update on their campaign:

Dear friends,

we have a rather sad message for you today. A few weeks ago, our main investor Stefan Immes and CEO of Net SE had a serious traffic accident, which he barely survived. Although we have been able to talk to him and although, for a very short time of the day he has become the astute, humorous and positive entrepreneur we know, it is now clear that due to the severity of the injuries he will not be able to continue running the company in the foreseeable future.

For a team as small as ours, this entails a large number of changes. Currently, we are in the process of reorganization and are trying to establish a working system as no successor regulation can yet be found for the Net SE Group. For this reason, we are currently undergoing a restructuring process with an as yet unknown outcome for the individual divisions, such as CP Görz.

Especially as far as Crowdfunding is concerned, we think that we will need until the end of October to be able to share our conclusions on how to proceed. One of the top priorities of our Crowdfunding team is, of course, to deliver the orders we receive as promised. However, we ask for your understanding that, for legal reasons alone, we cannot make any faster decisions without having reorganized the company.

For technical questions, our support team is of course still available, but we can only make limited forecasts about the development progress of our projects.

We are honestly touched and the shock still sits deep. We are also extremely sorry that we are not able to spread better and more positive news at the moment, but we are working very hard to change this at short notice.

Yours sincerely, Net SE Crowdfunding team

This follows numerous photography related Kickstarter campaigns that have failed to deliver. There have been various calls in the past for Kickstarter to protect the money of backers more vigorously but the company has yet to respond.

Please get in touch with us if you are one of the backers with any more info you might have.