Avoid these beginner photography mistakes

Here is a video by Joe Allam talking about some basic beginner mistakes to avoid in your photography. Here the are five areas covered:

  1. Uneven horizons can be very distracting. You can fix this in post or pay more attention while you are out taking pictures.
  2. Get your white balance accurately by setting your camera to auto white balance or match the white balance setting to the light source. Carrying a grey card is also a good idea.
  3. Use the right aperture and shutter speed to make sure the subject is in focus. Blurry or unsharp images can look very amateur. Avoid camera shake by using a tripod if necessary.
  4. Pay attention to your composition by focusing on symmetry and not cropping at odd points.
  5. Use auto exposure  to get the right exposure under changing lights and do not be afraid to use aperture priority or the built in light meter of your camera.