K-Pop Sensation NewJeans Films Entire Music Video on iPhone

Apple has teamed up with the popular K-Pop girl group, NewJeans, for their latest music video, “ETA,” and it was all shot on an iPhone. This collaboration takes the “shot on iPhone” concept to a whole new level as the iPhone becomes an integral part of the storyline.

In recent months, we’ve seen a multitude of projects showcasing the impressive camera capabilities of the iPhone. From a Bollywood film released in February to a Chinese New Year Celebration film for 2023, the “shot on iPhone” trend has been on the rise.

However, NewJeans’ music video is unique as it not only features the iPhone as the main camera but also starts with a FaceTime call.

The video aims to showcase as many of the iPhone’s shooting features as possible, including Action Mode for capturing dance moves and Cinematic mode for smooth focus transitions.

FaceTime makes appearances throughout the video, adding an interactive element.

Director Woo-Seok Shin reveals, “For this project, we had to use the iPhone 14 Pro for every shot. We delved into unique approaches that are only possible with the iPhone, which was an interesting experience. Action Mode was particularly useful for capturing stable videos during the choreography.”

Apple Korea shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse, showcasing how one dance sequence was filmed. Interestingly, the camera crew opted for a simple approach, handhelding the iPhone without complicated rigs or additional lenses in order to maintain ease and accessibility.

Executive Producer Hee-Jin Min shared her enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “It was fun to create a music video with the iPhone as a motif, considering its prevalence in the lives of many, including myself, NewJeans members, and their fans.”

This clever blend of product placement within a beloved K-pop group has proven successful. Within 12 hours of its release, “ETA” garnered over five million views on YouTube, with potentially more viewers on Apple Music.

The integration of Apple into the video is noticeable, yet subtle enough to avoid any negative commentaries—at least at the time of publication.

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