Child Influencers Finally Get Protection: Illinois Enacts Groundbreaking Legislation

Illinois pioneers in protecting child influencers by passing landmark legislation ensuring fair compensation for their social media work. Find out how this law sets a precedent for the future!

Say Farewell to Skydio’s Consumer Drones

Say goodbye to Skydio's consumer drones as they pivot towards serving enterprise clients. Will DJI's dominance in the market continue unchallenged? Only time will tell.

Groundbreaking AI Cameras Transform UK’s Biodiversity Monitoring Landscape

Explore the incredible world of wildlife through AI-powered surveillance equipment, capturing the beauty and diversity of nature like never before.

Report: Apple Testing M3-Powered Macs, Unveiling Soon?

Apple's mystery M3 chip is making waves in the tech industry, promising faster and more powerful Macs for photographers and creatives alike.

Sandisk SSD Users – Your Data Could Vanish Unexpectedly

Are Your Photography Files Safe? SanDisk SSD Failures and Data Loss Reported.

Mirrorless Camera Sales Boom Amidst Surge in Overseas Travel

Mirrorless cameras are breaking records with a 20% sales increase in 2023. Discover why photographers are gravitating towards these game-changing devices.

Mesmerizing Timelapse Captures Year-Long Decay of Cigarettes in Soil

Uncovering the hidden life within soil, witness the astonishing journey of cigarettes transforming into filters in this captivating time-lapse video.

Hollyland’s Game-Changing VenusLiv Camera Unveiled for Live Streaming Enthusiasts

Explore the Versatile Streaming Power of the Hollyland VenusLiv Camera. Express your creativity with high-speed autofocus and comprehensive connectivity options. Capture every captivating moment with ease.

Bride Demands Refund from Photographer Over Groom’s Cheating Encounter with Second Shooter

Wedding photography gone wrong! From affairs to refund requests, this bizarre story will make you question the ups and downs of the industry.

Insta360’s Invisible X3 360° Underwater Case Revealed

Photographers, dive into a whole new world of underwater 360-degree video with the revolutionary Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Kit. Capture the depths like never before!

Ricoh halts GR III series firmware updates due to memory bug

Attention photographers! Discover the latest firmware updates for the popular Ricoh GR III and GR IIIx cameras. Enhance your photography experience with new features and improved stability.

Laowa Unveils Nanomorph 1.5x Anamorphic Cine Lenses in 65mm and 80mm

Capture stunning cinematic shots with Laowa's new Nanomorph lenses and expand your creative possibilities with the 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter. Join the Indiegogo campaign and bring your filmmaking to the next level!

Canadians Set to Lose Access to News on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram's parent company, Meta, cutting news links in Canada. Struggles between tech giants and publishers escalate.

Software detects deepfakes by analyzing individual blood flow patterns

Intel's revolutionary program that analyzes blood flow to detect deepfakes. Unmask the deceptions with precision and reclaim trust in a digital world.

Tinder Experiments with AI-Driven Photo Matching

Ditch the fish photos! Tinder's new AI feature helps choose your best pics, but remember, connecting goes beyond pixel-perfection.

AI Makes Asian Woman’s Photo “Professional” by Changing Her Ethnicity

"Unveiling the Hidden Bias: AI Portrait Generators and the Distorted Lens of Race" - An Inside Look at the Unintended Consequences for Photographers

DJI’s Osmo Action 4 Packs Enhanced Imaging with a Bigger Sensor

Capture cinematic moments in stunning detail with the DJI Osmo Action 4. Upgrade your footage with its larger sensor, improved color reproduction, and underwater shooting capabilities.

YouTube Shorts Unveils Live Streaming and Remix Collabs

Say it with Shorts! YouTube's latest update brings TikTok-style collaborations, Reels-like remixing, live streaming, and recomposition tools, making it the ultimate playground for creative photographers.

Experience the World of a Pro Photographer in 1946

Discover the timeless allure of photography and how it continues to shape the world through moments frozen in time.

Photographer Takes Revenge, Deletes Cousin’s Unpaid Wedding Pictures

Did this photographer go too far in deleting wedding photos? Find out the contentious aftermath and the photographer's side.

Snapchat Launches Lens Rewards: Unleash Your AR Creativity

Snapchat introduces Lens Creator Rewards, a program that pays creators who design popular augmented reality Lenses. Tap into your creativity and earn with Snapchat!

Pro2Be: Laowa’s Groundbreaking Probe Lens 2nd Gen is Here.

Laowa is about to unleash the Pro2be - a cinema-oriented lens with macro capabilities! Get ready to experience the world of macro in a whole new way.

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