Playful Manatee Swipes Diver’s GoPro to Capture Hilariously Wobbly Video

A manatee stole a GoPro camera underwater and hilariously tried to take a selfie. But remember, it's illegal and harmful to touch these protected creatures. Be animal-conscious!

European Users Can Now Disconnect Accounts to Comply with EU Regulations

Meta's latest features give European users more control over their data sharing on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but the availability for users outside Europe remains uncertain.

Scam Artists Targeting Trusting Wedding Photographers

Beware of a credit card scam targeting wedding photographers, characterized by imperfect English, short notice weddings, and insistence on credit card payments.

Lawsuit Claims Adobe Sold Personal Customer Data

Adobe faces a lawsuit from the Dutch Data Protection Foundation, accusing them of selling private customer data of approximately 7 million Dutch users.

Tokina’s New Vista-P Cine Lenses Unite Classic Styling with Modern Innovation

Introducing the Tokina Vista-P cinema lenses, combining vintage charm with modern innovation, offering a unique Petzval aesthetic for stunning visuals.

G100D by Panasonic Features USB-C and Stunning OLED EVF

Panasonic introduces Lumix DC-G100D, an upgraded version of the G100 camera, featuring an improved EVF and USB-C charging. Expected global release, no timeline provided.

Guns ‘N’ Roses Photographer Alleges Sexual Harassment and Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Guns N’ Roses and their photographer, Katarina Benzova, are at odds in a lawsuit over copyright infringement and allegations of sexual abuse.

The highly-anticipated Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 DG DN OS Sports is finally here

The highly anticipated Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 DG DN OS Sports lens for mirrorless cameras is finally here! Learn more about its impressive features and durability.

Picsart Introduces AI-Powered Tools to Challenge Canva’s Dominance

Picsart Ignite is a suite of AI tools that empowers creators to easily make ads, social media content, and more, regardless of their skill level.

Hasselblad and Oppo Join Forces to Create Next-Level ‘HyperTone’ Camera

Oppo and Hasselblad join forces to develop the next generation of HyperTone camera systems, promising new standards in computational photography and mobile imaging.

NASA photographer chronicles decades-long effort constructing James Webb Space Telescope

Inside the Star Factory: The Creation of the James Webb Space Telescope showcases the untold story and stunning visuals behind NASA's groundbreaking observatory.

Australia’s Largest Photography Festival to Feature AI-Generated Images for the First Time

Australia's Head On Photo Festival returns to Bondi Beach, featuring 700 photographers and AI-generated imagery. The festival embraces rapid technological changes while raising challenging questions about authenticity and truth in photography.

Scarlett Johansson Stakes Legal Claim Over Her Digital Avatar

Scarlett Johansson is taking legal action against an AI company for using her name and likeness without consent in an advertisement.

Is Apple’s Latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ Video Deceptive?

Discover how Apple caused controversy by filming their 'Scary Fast' keynote entirely on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, revealing the limitations of smartphone videography.

Incredible Footage Reveals Eagle Attacking Drone in Mid-Flight Showdown

Eagle steals photographer's drone mid-flight in astonishing footage. Unexpected encounter captivates online audiences.

Photographer loses 7-year business to crafty scammers on Facebook

Beware of scammers taking over social media accounts and wiping out years of valuable content and business opportunities. Protect your online presence!

Google Pixel’s AI-powered photo editing sparks heated manipulation controversy

In the age of AI-powered smartphones, reality and photography blur as editing tools become more advanced, raising ethical concerns.

Apple Park Hosts Highly Anticipated Final Cut Pro Event

The FMC 2023 Final Cut Pro Creative Summit returns to Apple's campus, offering professionals a chance to expand their skills and experience Apple's headquarters.

How to Choose the Best Lens for Wildlife Photography

Choosing the right lens for wildlife photography is crucial for capturing immersive, detailed, and clear images. Factors to consider include image quality, focal length, aperture, image stabilization, and weight and size.

Experience Seamless Filming with ACCSOON’s Game-Changing Toprig S60 Slider

Introducing Accsoon's new sliders, the TopRig S40 and TopRig S60. Compact, travel-friendly, and equipped with smooth motion capabilities for professional filmmaking.

Furious Online Backlash Expected as DALL-E 3 Censorship Sparks Outrage

Users of DALL-E 3 plan to protest against OpenAI and Microsoft over what they consider excessive censorship in an upcoming online demonstration.

Time-Lapse Photography: Capturing Time in Motion

Time-lapse photography allows viewers to witness the passage of time in seconds, capturing environmental changes and creating visually stunning footage.

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