Incredible Footage Reveals Eagle Attacking Drone in Mid-Flight Showdown

Eagle steals photographer's drone mid-flight in astonishing footage. Unexpected encounter captivates online audiences.

Photographer loses 7-year business to crafty scammers on Facebook

Beware of scammers taking over social media accounts and wiping out years of valuable content and business opportunities. Protect your online presence!

Google Pixel’s AI-powered photo editing sparks heated manipulation controversy

In the age of AI-powered smartphones, reality and photography blur as editing tools become more advanced, raising ethical concerns.

Apple Park Hosts Highly Anticipated Final Cut Pro Event

The FMC 2023 Final Cut Pro Creative Summit returns to Apple's campus, offering professionals a chance to expand their skills and experience Apple's headquarters.

How to Choose the Best Lens for Wildlife Photography

Choosing the right lens for wildlife photography is crucial for capturing immersive, detailed, and clear images. Factors to consider include image quality, focal length, aperture, image stabilization, and weight and size.

Experience Seamless Filming with ACCSOON’s Game-Changing Toprig S60 Slider

Introducing Accsoon's new sliders, the TopRig S40 and TopRig S60. Compact, travel-friendly, and equipped with smooth motion capabilities for professional filmmaking.

Furious Online Backlash Expected as DALL-E 3 Censorship Sparks Outrage

Users of DALL-E 3 plan to protest against OpenAI and Microsoft over what they consider excessive censorship in an upcoming online demonstration.

Time-Lapse Photography: Capturing Time in Motion

Time-lapse photography allows viewers to witness the passage of time in seconds, capturing environmental changes and creating visually stunning footage.

Canon Pulls the Plug on EOS M Camera Line

Canon has quietly discontinued its EOS M system, removing cameras from their website, signaling a shift towards the RF mount.

Photographer Faces Ban After £1.5 Million Horse Race Scandal

A jockey blames a distant photographer for disrupting his horse during a race, but officials remain unconvinced of the claim.

OpenAI Makes Strides with Game-Changing Image Detector, Hitting Unbeatable 99% Accuracy

OpenAI is developing a highly accurate AI image detection tool, while CEO Sam Altman warns of significant workforce changes due to AI's impact on professions.

Elinchrom Rolls Out The Three, a battery powered off camera flash

Swiss lighting manufacturer Elinchrom introduces the Elinchrom THREE, a lightweight off-camera flash with powerful performance and versatile features for photographers.

Prevent Instagram from following your every move

In an effort to enhance user privacy, Meta introduces simplified data control settings, allowing users to manage tracking preferences and access information easily across platforms.

Farewell! Popular Photography-on-the-Net Forums Calls it Quits

Photography-on-the-Net, a popular digital photography forum, is shutting down at the end of 2023 due to declining interest and the dominance of social media platforms.

Meet the SmallRig VB99 Pro Mini V-Mount Battery

SmallRig's new VB99 Pro mini V Mount battery offers faster charging and more output ports, all while keeping the price unchanged at $279.

Instagram Teases AI-Based Editing Functions Coming Soon for Users

Meta embraces AI with a range of new features including Meta AI, image editing, personalized stickers, and a commitment to responsible development. "Soon," users can expect to unleash their creativity using these exciting tools.

AI-Generated Deepfakes Rock Spanish Town with Explicit Images

A small town in Spain faced a disturbing incident where AI-generated nude images of school girls were circulated, underlining the complex legal questions surrounding deepfake technology.

Getty Embraces the Power of AI to Spark Creativity

Getty Images joins the AI image generation trend, launching Generative AI in collaboration with NVIDIA. This move raises questions about copyright and its impact on stock photographers.

Hasselblad introduces XCD 4/28P – The Compact Wide Lens for Street Photography

Introducing the Hasselblad XCD 4/28P lens – a compact solution for exceptional street and travel photography.

Panasonic Set to Launch New Entry-Level and High-End L Mount Gear

Panasonic teases new entry-level and high-end L mount cameras with a focus on 4K and 6K capabilities, while keeping an eye on the inevitable rise of 8K

Instagram and Facebook to Introduce Chronological Stories and Reels in Europe

Tech platforms like Facebook and Instagram will soon implement changes to show more chronological posts. Meta aims to comply with EU rules, introducing chronological Stories and Reels, much to users' delight.

$12k fine levied on photographer for using own photos

Charging thousands of dollars for the use of your own images? It may sound unbelievable, but that's exactly what happened to Chinese astrophotographer Jeff Dai. This shocking incident sheds light on the questionable practices of Visual China Group (VCG)

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