Photography Glossary

Learn essential photography terms from aperture to white balance with this comprehensive glossary. Enhance your photography skills and vocabulary with this helpful resource.

Sora from OpenAI releases its first ever music video

OpenAI's surreal video generator Sora debuts with a dreamy music video. Creative professionals experiment with whimsical results, sparking curiosity about AI's potential.

Body cameras now worn by bakery staff to deter stealing

Greggs employees to wear body cameras due to pastry theft rise. London stores trial cameras for safety. Sales boom despite theft concerns.

Cutting-edge AI developed by Apple deciphers subtle nuances in pixels

Apple researchers innovate reference resolution in AI, enhancing Siri’s conversational ability. Progress compares favorably to GPT-4, setting the stage for future AI advancements.

YouTube trialing AI that fast-forwards to the best video segments

YouTube tests AI "jump ahead" feature allowing users to skip to video highlights. Enhances viewing experience, available to select Premium users.

Supernova astonishes astronomers in ancient 12th century observations

In 1181, a bright supernova in Cassiopeia fascinated astronomers. Pa 30 is now believed to be its remnant, offering unique research opportunities.

AI-Powered Photo Editing Tools Could Be Added to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is developing AI-powered photo editing tools for users to edit images within the app, featuring options like Backdrop, Restyle, and Expand.

Ulanzi’s Tripod Ensures Ultra Smooth Filming

Ulanzi introduces the Video Fast Heavy-Duty Tripod for videographers, offering stability, quick setup, and precise adjustments.

Fujifilm accuses Eastman Kodak of patent violation in new lawsuit

Fujifilm and Eastman Kodak clash in a patent infringement lawsuit over lithographic printing plate technologies, highlighting broader company interests.

Leica struggles with L-Mount camera sales, tougher than Q or M

Leica's venture into the challenging L-mount SL series emphasizes simplicity and quality in the competitive full-frame mirrorless market.

Peek Behind the Lens of ‘Photographer’ and Their Go-To Cameras

The director of photography for Nat Geo's Photographer series finds photographers a visually engaging subject.

Nikon Coolpix camera search on Google skyrockets by 8,500%

Revival of compact digital cameras, Nikon Coolpix popularity spiked by TikTok, particularly in pink. Retro tech trend, social media influence.

Apple patent reveals improved iPhone camera durability

Apple's patent introduces shock limiters and dampers to enhance camera reliability in mobile devices like iPhones, protecting components from impacts.

Google AI Gemini Could Enhance iPhone Experience, Talks Suggest

Apple is reportedly in negotiations with Google to integrate Google's Gemini AI engine into the iPhone, potentially announced at Apple's WWDC event.

TikTok Developing Photo App to Challenge Instagram’s Dominance

TikTok is developing "TikTok Photos" to rival Instagram. The new app aims to connect creators through photo-sharing, impacting social media competition.

Europe Approves Revolutionary AI Legislation

The EU's landmark Artificial Intelligence Act has gained final approval, banning certain AI applications while promoting transparency and protecting citizens' rights.

Leica to Release Innovative Hybrid Medium Format Camera in 2 Years

Leica hints at a new medium format camera after a long hiatus, promising a hybrid system with a new lens range by 2026.

AI-made Images of Food Appear More Delicious Than Real Photos

A study reveals that AI-generated food images are more appealing, but disclosure reduces their appeal, highlighting the role of AI in consumer perception.

Photographer Triumphs in Lawsuit Over Creative Commons Image Rights

Photographer wins lawsuit over uncredited photo use, court rules against fair use, challenges in copyright enforcement, digital age.

C500 Mark II gets new Cinema RAW Light modes from Canon

Canon introduces firmware upgrading Cinema RAW Light on EOS C500 Mark II, enhancing video workflows with smaller file sizes and improved recording options.

OM System OM-1 Set to Enhance Autofocus

Upcoming firmware update for OM-1 promises autofocus improvements and enhanced operability, bridging the performance gap with the new OM-1 Mark II.

Jaw-Dropping Space Capture Exposes Earth’s Mesmerizing Golden Luminescence

NASA shares a stunning photo of Earth's golden glow from the International Space Station, revealing the beauty of our planet from above.

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