Wedding Videographer Banned from Couple’s Venue

A couple discovered that the videographer they had hired for their wedding had been banned from the venue where they were going to have their ceremony.

The bride shared the incident on a photography subreddit, explaining that the venue notified her when they found out who the videographer was. The venue staff also mentioned that this vendor had been banned in the past due to similar issues with other brides.

Concerned about the situation, the bride asked for a refund on the deposit she had paid to the videographer. In response, the videographer mentioned that deposits were usually non-refundable.

However, they added that their spouse also had a video/film company and suggested hiring them instead. They assured the bride that they would handle the edits while their spouse would do the filming.

Uncomfortable with this proposal and not wanting any additional stress, the bride declined the offer.

The venue had referred to a “they,” which led the bride to believe that it was possible both the videographer and their spouse were banned. The venue owner confirmed that there was a specific policy in place regarding this particular videographer.

The bride questioned whether she was wrong to expect a refund in this situation where the videographer couldn’t provide the service they were hired for.

The deposit was a significant amount, over $500, and discovering this issue closer to the wedding day would have posed a serious problem.

In a follow-up post, the bride shared that she had obtained further information revealing that this wasn’t an isolated incident.

It seems there had been other instances involving this videographer, attracting the involvement of attorneys. Considering this, it was puzzling that the videographer claimed to be blindsided by the situation.

It remains unclear what exactly the videographer did to get banned. Throughout the process, the bride repeatedly insisted on getting a refund, but the videographer and their team were unresponsive.

However, the bride later posted an update stating that she had finally received her refund.

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