ZEISS embraces virtual production with the acquisition of motion tracking firm

Ncam Technologies Ltd, a UK-based company that develops camera tracking systems, has been acquired by Zeiss.

Since Zeiss is expanding into the camera tracking space, this acquisition makes sense. What sets Ncam apart is their system’s versatility – it can be used indoors or outdoors in any environment.

The compact hardware attaches directly to cameras, enabling visualization of augmented reality, mixed reality, extended reality, set extensions, and new environments.

Zeiss has been expanding its technology portfolio in the cinema, broadcast, and visual effects fields. Given that Zeiss already produces cinema lenses, moving into camera tracking is a natural progression.

It is common for companies in a specific industry to explore complementary technologies.

The companies wasted no time rebranding the Ncam website with the Zeiss logo. They also promptly addressed customer concerns through an announcement on the Ncam website.

Details about their plans haven’t been disclosed yet, but Ncam mentioned new products on the horizon.

ZEISS will release the first product from this collaboration in the coming summer and will provide support to all Ncam users and customers.

They also plan to offer an upgrade program to ensure existing Ncam users benefit from new features and improvements.

It’s unlikely that Zeiss will develop motion-tracking hardware for the average camera user, considering they have only produced one camera in recent years, which wasn’t well-received and has been discontinued, although it is still featured on the Zeiss website.

Overall, it seems like business will continue as usual for Ncam customers, albeit with the new joint Zeiss branding.

And for photographers seeking innovative camera tracking systems, Zeiss’s acquisition of Ncam brings exciting possibilities for capturing and creating immersive visuals.

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