Kodak’s Tri-X Black-and-White Film Now 30% Cheaper

Kodak drastically slashes prices of Tri-X black-and-white film, broadening access to analog photography.

Sony Japan Introduces 5G Transmitter for Alpha Cameras

Sony introduces the PDT-FP1 portable data transmitter for Alpha cameras, enabling high-speed and low-latency video transmission using 5G wireless technology.

Google Launches ‘Circle to Search’ on Pixel 8 and 8 Pro

Google surprises with early release of Circle to Search on Pixel phones. New features include temperature readings, Magic Compose, and Photomoji.

Captivating footage reveals once-in-a-lifetime moment with Florida Panther

Witness the thrilling encounter as a trail camera captures the rare sighting of a majestic panther prowling a Florida preserve.

L.A. Times slashes over 100 newsroom jobs

The Los Angeles Times is undergoing significant layoffs, with over 20% of the newsroom staff being let go, as a result of financial challenges.

Shutterstock and United Nations Host AI Image Challenge

Shutterstock and the United Nations have launched an AI image contest, "Canvas of the Future," seeking submissions depicting a sustainable future based on UN SDGs.

Playful Manatee Swipes Diver’s GoPro to Capture Hilariously Wobbly Video

A manatee stole a GoPro camera underwater and hilariously tried to take a selfie. But remember, it's illegal and harmful to touch these protected creatures. Be animal-conscious!

European Users Can Now Disconnect Accounts to Comply with EU Regulations

Meta's latest features give European users more control over their data sharing on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but the availability for users outside Europe remains uncertain.

Scam Artists Targeting Trusting Wedding Photographers

Beware of a credit card scam targeting wedding photographers, characterized by imperfect English, short notice weddings, and insistence on credit card payments.

Lawsuit Claims Adobe Sold Personal Customer Data

Adobe faces a lawsuit from the Dutch Data Protection Foundation, accusing them of selling private customer data of approximately 7 million Dutch users.

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