7Artisans Reveal Fresh Approach to Compact Microphone Tech

Capture crystal-clear audio with the 7Artisans DMic-S, the latest wireless microphone for photographers and videographers. Standout in the crowded market and take your audio to the next level!

Canon’s High-Tech MS-500 Brings Interchangeable Lenses to Next-Level at $25k+

Experience noise-free images and true-color night vision with Canon's groundbreaking MS-500 SPAD sensor camera. Available in September for $25,200 (lens sold separately).

Meta to Add AI Content Labels on Instagram, Enhancing User Trust

Ensure transparency and combat misinformation with labels for AI-generated content on Instagram. Discover how Meta's upcoming features pave the way for greater clarity in the digital realm.

Adobe staff anxious over the possibility of AI displacing their own customers’ work

Will Adobe's AI advancements in Firefly be a boon or a bust for photographers? Employees express concerns over potential job loss.

Capture HDR and 256 Grayscale with Game Boy Camera

Experience vintage photography with a modern twist. This Game Boy Camera modification offers improved image quality, endless storage, and customizable features. Unleash your creativity today!

Limited to 200 Units – TTARTISAN 25mm T2.0 1.33X Anamorphic Lens

Capture mesmerizing visuals with TTArtisan's new Anamorphot lens. Compact and affordable, embrace the beautiful bokeh it delivers on your next photography endeavor.

Premier League Soccer Stars Transmit First-person Action via Body Cams

Get a Player's Eye View: Experience the intensity of a Premier League match with body cam footage that puts you right in the heart of the action. Perfect for photographers searching for breathtaking, up-close shots.

Peakto introduces text search to simplify photo finding.

Find and organize your photos effortlessly using Peakto's Conversational Search feature and its powerful AI-backed cataloging system.

Adapt Sony E Lenses onto Nikon Z using the Megadap ETZ21 Pro AF

Adapt your Sony E mount lens to a Nikon Z body effortlessly with Megadap's latest ETZ21 Pro lens adapter. Smoother operation and easy firmware updates now at your fingertips

Rare Leica M3 Camera Surpasses $100K in Swedish Auction

From record-breaking prices to rare vintage finds, Leica cameras continue to captivate both photographers and collectors alike.

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