Tokina’s New Vista-P Cine Lenses Unite Classic Styling with Modern Innovation

Tokina has just introduced its latest line of cinema lenses, called the Vista-P series. These lenses are an update to their existing Vista Prime cine lenses, but with a brand new internal design. The Vista-P lenses adopt a traditional Petzval approach, offering a vintage aesthetic with modern engineering. They are available in five different focal lengths: 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm, all with a maximum aperture of T1.5.

What sets the Tokina Vista-P Prime lenses apart from the rest of Tokina’s lineup is their unique and modernized internal construction inspired by the Petzval lens design. While the Petzval design dates back to 1840, it has experienced something of a resurgence in recent years. Developed by Hungarian mathematician Joseph Petzval and initially produced by Voigtländer, this lens design was largely abandoned in favor of more contemporary optical solutions. However, the Petzval lenses offer a distinct and captivating aesthetic that Tokina is bringing into the 21st century with their new releases.

With their T1.5 maximum aperture, the Vista-P lenses provide a vintage Petzval look. The example video above showcases the lenses’ ability to deliver that familiar aesthetic characterized by a warmth and richness that often eludes modern, clinically perfect glass.

Each of the five lenses covers a projection circle of 46.7mm, which is larger than a full-frame sensor. This means they are compatible with a wide range of cameras. Currently, the lenses are available only in Arri PL mount, but other mounts such as EF and E are expected to be released in the future.

The Tokina Vista-P series features standard 0.8 MOD gears and offers an impressive 300° focus throw, making them perfect for high-resolution 8K cameras. They beautifully combine the best of both old and new.

All five lenses in the Vista-P series are currently available for purchase. The 18mm lens is priced at $8,999, the 25mm at $7,499, the 35mm at $7,499, the 50mm at $7,499, and the 85mm at $7,499.

18mm T1.525mm T1.535mm T1.550mm T1.585mm T1.5
Focal length18mm25mm35mm50mm85mm
Max T-StopT1.5T1.5T1.5T1.5T1.5
FormatFull FrameFull FrameFull FrameFull FrameFull Frame
Image Circle46.7mm46.7mm46.7mm46.7mm46.7mm
Min focus distance45cm35cm41cm48cm95cm
Max Magnification1:14.371:7.81:7.811:7.011:9.92
Focus throw300°300°300°300°300°
Aperture blades9 Blades9 Blades9 Blades9 Blades9 Blades
Filter diameter112mm112mm112mm112mm112mm

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