Adapt Sony E Lenses onto Nikon Z using the Megadap ETZ21 Pro AF

Looking to adapt your Sony E mount lens to a Nikon Z mount body? Megadap has the solution for you! Introducing their latest innovation, the Megadap ETZ21 Pro lens adapter.

This upgraded version comes with a redesigned lens release button for smoother operation and tighter fitting. The best part? You no longer need a USB cable to update the firmware!

Although the ETZ21 Pro functions similarly to the standard ETZ 21 adapter, it does offer several improvements. The lens release lever is more reliable, ensuring better compatibility with Nikon Z8 and Nikon Z9 cameras. In addition, it enhances stability during continuous shooting and improves low-light focus performance.

One interesting feature of this adapter is its ability to configure and utilize the customizable buttons found on various Sony E mount lenses. No need to worry about outdated firmware either.

Previously, firmware updates required a USB connection to a computer. With the Megadap ETZ21 Pro, you can now conveniently update the firmware directly from your Nikon Z camera, as long as you have a lens attached. Talk about making it easier!

Excited to try it out? The Megadap ETZ21 Pro is available for purchase at $249, the same price as its predecessor. Don’t wait too long though, as units are already being shipped. Upgrade your photography game today!

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