Canon Pulls the Plug on EOS M Camera Line

Canon has recently made an important decision regarding its EOS M system. They have removed the cameras from their websites and have labeled the series as discontinued.

While some EF-M lenses are still listed as “out of stock” on Canon USA’s website, it is unlikely that these lenses will be restocked since the company no longer lists any EOS M cameras for sale. In fact, Canon Japan has gone a step further by categorizing the EOS M series under their “old products” or “discontinued products” page.

This includes their latest addition to the line, the EOS M50 Mark II, which was introduced in late 2020.

Canon did not publicly announce the discontinuation of the EOS M system, but rather silently put an end to the line of mirrorless APS-C cameras.

While Canon USA did not explicitly confirm this move, they did mention that the sales of EOS M series cameras and EF-M lenses vary by region, depending on user demand. However, in two of the company’s largest territories, the cameras have been completely removed from their sales offerings.

The decision to discontinue the EOS M line has been anticipated for some time. It was expected that Canon would move on from their first move into the mirrorless market as soon as the RF mount was introduced. While the EOS M series didn’t perform well in North America, it enjoyed popularity in Japan, which likely delayed the discontinuation.

Earlier this year, the final blow to the EOS M line was announced with the introduction of the R100. Canon stated that the EOS R100 was designed to cater to new mirrorless camera users or existing interchangeable camera users who previously used EOS Rebel or EOS M cameras. This statement strongly suggested that the R100 camera would replace both the DSLR and EOS M lines.

Despite the discontent from fans of the EOS M line, who argue that the RF mount is not yet a suitable replacement due to its limited lens support compared to the EF-M mount, Canon remains steadfast in its decision.

Although Canon has released a few APS-C RF camera bodies, the RF-S lens line remains small, consisting of only three variable aperture zoom lenses and no fast prime lenses.

It is evident that Canon has made up its mind, and the EOS M system will soon be discontinued in all regions.

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