Google will print your ‘Best’ photos for $8 a month

Google is trialing a subscription service in the US where you get printed photos every month that are automatically chosen for you by the Google Photos AI algorithm.

get your best memories delivered straight to your home every month.

The service already curates your photos in the form of “memories” on phones. Google is hoping to use the same technology to choose the best photos from the last 30 days and send them straight to your door.

You get 10 photos in 4×6 format and are able to edit them before they go for printing. You can also choose the kind of photos you would like to be picked from:

  • mostly people and pets
  • mostly landscapes
  • a little bit of everything

Google Photos has long been one of the best ways to backup photos and it is interesting to see how Google is trying to monetize it. The pricing of $7.99 a month is quite high for 10 photos so we will have to wait and see if users take them up on it.

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