Use ‘AI’ to make ‘artificial’ photos

Deleting objects from our photos has been commonplace for a while. There isn’t much you can’t ‘paint’ away in photoshop but what about adding things to our photos?

I am not talking about composites where you import other images and layer things to make a final image. I am talking about generating things from scratch to add to our photos.

Words like ‘artificial intelligence’ and ‘computational photography’ are buzzwords – but what do they mean in practice?

GANPaint Studio has made a demo to show you how to add objects into your photos by using neural networks.

The project is based on research by IBM and MIT and utilizes a GAN algorithm to do its magic. Through machine learning, the software is able to ‘paint’ objects as opposed to colors. You can watch the video below or go to for a demo. The demo is currently only able to work with church images.

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