Google Photos gets an AI makeover to organize your precious memories

Are you tired of the clutter in your photo collection? Well, guess what? Google Photos has got your back! They have introduced an exciting new feature called “Memories view” that uses the power of artificial intelligence to organize and showcase your precious memories.

So, what exactly is Memories view? Think of it as a virtual scrapbook with a timeline. It’s like a personalized photo album that allows you to curate and share your most significant moments with your loved ones. The best part is, you are in complete control of your memories.

You have the freedom to choose which memories you want to include and which ones to skip. You can save your favorite memories to the Memories view or create new ones. And if you change your mind, no worries! You can easily add or remove photos and videos, or even hide certain memories completely.

Here’s another cool feature: customizing your memories! You can give your memories a name to make them easily recognizable. But wait, there’s more! Google Photos is so advanced that it can suggest customized titles for your memories using AI. Just look for the “Help me title” button on select memories, and let Google Photos do the thinking for you. Of course, you can always make changes and modifications according to your preference.

But that’s not all! Google is constantly working on improving your experience with Google Photos. They are about to introduce a new feature that allows you to share memories as videos. How awesome is that? You can easily send these videos to your friends and family through messaging apps or social media platforms.

Finding Memories view is a piece of cake. Just head to the updated navigation menu at the bottom of your Google Photos app, and you’ll find it right there. However, please note that the rollout of this feature starts today in the U.S., and users from other countries will have access to it in the upcoming months. So, stay tuned!

Are you ready to declutter your photo collection and relive your best memories? Google Photos and its Memories view are here to make it happen. Get ready for a fantastic photo organizing experience like never before!

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