Leica to Release Innovative Hybrid Medium Format Camera in 2 Years

The medium format S-system by Leica has not been updated since the introduction of the S3 in 2018, making six years a long time in the world of camera technology.

Despite the gap since the announcement of the S3, it is common for medium format cameras like those in the S-system lineup to have long intervals between updates. The S-system was initially launched with the S1 in 1996, followed by the S2 in 2008. Updates were made to the system in 2012 with the Leica S (Typ 006) and a change from a CCD sensor to a CMOS sensor in 2014.

Speculations have circulated for a while regarding Leica working on a new addition to their medium format range, though the company had not officially confirmed it until recently. The confirmation came unexpectedly and was revealed through an interview conducted by a French YouTube channel at Leitz Park in Germany. This far from traditional announcement hints at significant changes for fans of Leica’s current S-system, including the need to adapt to an entirely new system.

During the interview with Lovelight TV, a Leica representative hinted at the upcoming release of a new medium format Leica camera. The representative further revealed that the new camera, set to debut within two years, would be a hybrid medium format with a redesigned mount and new range of lenses. The statement was given in French and later translated to reveal Leica’s plans for the future.

The ease with which the Leica representative discussed the upcoming camera’s development gave the impression that this information was widely known, despite it being officially disclosed for the first time. Leica’s strategy to introduce not only a new addition to their current camera lineup but also a completely fresh system signifies a significant shift in their approach to medium format photography.

Transitioning from DSLR to mirrorless technology would require Leica to develop a new set of lenses for the upcoming system. Starting afresh may come at a high cost for existing S-system photographers, but it appears to be a necessary step for the future success of Leica’s medium format endeavors. The move suggests that Leica is prioritizing innovation and evolution in their photography tools. If the plans mentioned by the Leica representative materialize, photographers can anticipate the arrival of the new Leica medium format camera and lenses before 2026.

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