Prevent Instagram from following your every move

In order to prioritize the privacy of users and make data management easier across its platforms, Meta has announced some significant changes to its data control settings. Now, you have the ability to control the tracking done by Instagram as it follows you on the web. All you need to do is change your settings and let Instagram know that tracking is not something you want.

One of the main changes Meta has made is to simplify things. They have gathered all the data settings into a single place called the Accounts Center, which works for all your accounts. This means that rather than having to switch back and forth between Facebook and Instagram, you now have everything in one convenient location.

Another interesting addition is the inclusion of what they call “Activity Off-Meta Technologies” (previously known as “Off-Facebook Activity”). While this feature was originally available on Facebook only, Meta has now expanded it to include Instagram as well.

Essentially, it allows you to see which businesses are sharing your information with Meta. You have the option to disconnect specific businesses or erase all this data completely, depending on your preference.

Additionally, Meta has made the features “Download Your Information” and “Access Your Information” accessible through the Accounts Center. If you want to have all your photos from Facebook and Instagram combined, you can now do so. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep them separate, that option is still available. Furthermore, you can also transfer all your Instagram photos and videos to other services.

For instance, if you wish to use a third-party service to create and print a photo album of your Instagram pictures, you now have the ability to do so. According to Meta, this update is making it much simpler to share and preserve memories and represents a significant advancement in data portability.

To explore these new controls, simply navigate to the Settings on Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger.

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