Hidden Cameras in AirBnB Prompts Couple’s $75,000 Lawsuit

A couple from Texas is suing a man from Maryland for allegedly putting secret cameras in an Airbnb they rented in August 2022. The lawsuit talks about a serious invasion of privacy that left the couple distraught and wanting justice.

Kayelee Gates and Christian Capraro traveled all the way from Texas for a two-night stay at an Airbnb in Dale Drive. But their experience turned nightmarish when they made a disturbing discovery.

While they were using the shared bathroom, the couple noticed a smoke detector above the bed on the ceiling and another in the corner. This made them suspicious, so they decided to investigate further.

To their horror, they discovered hidden cameras disguised as smoke detectors. This shocking revelation left Kayelee deeply shaken, experiencing panic and shock.

Gates felt humiliated, embarrassed, and a loss of dignity. She shares, “At that time, I was doubting myself and thinking maybe I was overreacting because you never expect something like this to happen to you.” The emotional impact on the couple was significant, prompting them to immediately leave the Airbnb and seek help from the police.

Law enforcement officers found another hidden camera in the basement, where other guests were also staying. This raised concerns about the possible distribution of recorded material.

Dan Whitney, a lawyer from Maryland, expressed his concern about the situation. “Once a recording is made, you can never know where it went, who has it, and if it has been shared or uploaded on the internet,” he said.

Christopher Goisse, the property owner, denied any wrongdoing, suggesting that the guest may have planted the devices and then reported the incident. However, the lawsuit alleges that Goisse obstructed the investigation by not allowing the police to search his twin brother Larry’s locked bedroom, which raised suspicions of evidence tampering.

The incident has left the couple anxious about their privacy and the potential sharing of their recorded images without their consent. Gates admits that it makes her uncomfortable, always wondering if someone has seen the footage.

To seek resolution for the psychological toll caused by the invasion of their privacy, the Texas couple is seeking $75,000 in damages through the lawsuit. Goisse has been given 30 days to respond to the allegations.

As the legal proceedings continue, the Montgomery County Police Department chooses not to comment on the case because of the ongoing litigation. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of privacy rights and the necessity to protect against such invasive actions.

It also brings to light a recent incident where a cruise ship passenger was arrested for hiding a camera in a public bathroom onboard a ship.

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