Photographer loses 7-year business to crafty scammers on Facebook

A photographer from Australia is devastated after scammers took over his Facebook account, resulting in the loss of his valuable pictures and customer orders accumulated over seven years. This serves as a strong reminder of the importance of cybersecurity on social media platforms.

Doug Bazley, a resident of Caloundra, Queensland, described the incident as a catastrophic event. Experts suggest that this method used by scammers is increasingly common.

Bazley’s troubles began when he received what seemed like a legitimate message from Meta Platforms, the company behind Facebook. The message prompted him to click on a link to resolve an issue. Unbeknownst to Bazley, this innocent action led to the complete loss of his social media presence.

In an interview with ABC, Bazley expressed his despair. He said, “It feels as if your business has just burned down. I spent seven years building it, and I had around 16,000 followers. I loved sharing and posting photos of our travels across Australia.”

Unfortunately, Bazley’s situation is not an isolated incident. Tahlia Rehua, a business owner from Logan, fell prey to a similar attack just a day after Bazley. Both her personal and business pages were compromised, resulting in the loss of 17 years’ worth of content.

Bazley’s story serves as a cautionary tale for anyone who relies on social media to conduct their business. As he emphasized, “People need to be extremely cautious about the links they receive and who they allow in. I conducted all my business on that platform, and I’ve lost all of my contacts. There were approximately $3,000 worth of prepaid calendar orders, and all the names and contact details are now gone.”

In the face of these challenges, it is crucial for users to take proactive measures to safeguard their digital assets and livelihoods. Failure to do so could open the door to criminals infiltrating their online domains, jeopardizing not just their data but also their businesses. Implementing strong security measures, such as multi-factor authentication, is imperative to protect against these cyber threats.

While I sympathize with those whose accounts have been breached, it is important to caution photographers not to overly rely on third-party platforms to operate their businesses. This applies to anyone using social media as a storage for valuable memories as well.

Instances like these occur all too frequently and need not necessarily involve scammers. One day, your presence on the platform is intact, and the next day, everything could disappear. These social networks usually have limited customer support to assist you after such incidents.

To mitigate the risk, it is crucial to ensure that you back up everything and run your business from your own website. Additionally, it is advisable to keep ongoing customer orders and contact details in a separate database rather than relying solely on platforms like Facebook.

Although it may require some additional systems and organization, the alternative is simply not worth the potential consequences.

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