Mesmerizing Timelapse Captures Year-Long Decay of Cigarettes in Soil

In a fascinating experiment, a photographer decided to leave three cigarettes in a mason jar filled with soil for a whole year. The photographer captured this process in a time-lapse video and shared it on YouTube. The video quickly gained popularity, amassing over 4.2 million views, and counting.

In the video, we witness the transformation of the cigarettes as they interact with the soil. The first few hours reveal signs of moisture and damage, hinting at the rapid deterioration the cigarettes experience. By the end of the first day, the cigarettes are already falling apart.

Over the course of twenty days, the cigarettes seem to vanish, almost like spores disappearing before our eyes. By the 100th day, the tobacco has evaporated, possibly consumed by the organisms living in the soil, leaving only the filter. The paper has also degraded and detached from the filter.

Continuing the time-lapse project, we observe the emergence of green moss in the mason jar, rendering the cigarettes unrecognizable. By day 300, the cigarettes are virtually gone, with only the filters remaining visible. In the final scene of the video, the photographer empties the contents of the mason jar, finding nothing but the leftover filters.

The comment section is filled with admiration for the photographer’s work. A person mentions their role as an organic soil farmer who lets the soil take care of itself, while another is fascinated by the intricate life thriving within a spoonful of rich soil.

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