Pro2Be: Laowa’s Groundbreaking Probe Lens 2nd Gen is Here.

Looks like there’s more exciting news in the photography world! 7Artisans is not the only company teasing a new product – Laowa is also joining in with their new Laowa Pro2be. From the teaser image, we can see that it’s a cinema-oriented lens with a 24mm focal length and a T8 aperture. What’s interesting is that this lens also has 2x macro capability.

As the video starts playing, Laowa confirms that the Pro2be is indeed a probe macro lens. However, there’s one noticeable difference in this new version – it has a relatively wide f/8 aperture. This is a departure from Laowa’s original probe lens, which had an f/14 aperture. The wider aperture means that the Pro2be will let in more light, which is a great advantage when shooting in low-light conditions or on set where lighting can be challenging.

The original Laowa probe lens was a game-changer in the industry. It took some time for it to gain popularity, but once photographers and cinematographers got their hands on it, they were amazed by its unique abilities. The lens became a hit among macro enthusiasts and even caught the attention of Hollywood.

While there aren’t many details available about the Laowa Pro2be at the moment, we do know that an official announcement is scheduled for August 15th. So, mark your calendars! On that day, we’ll finally get to know all the important information about this intriguing new lens from Laowa.

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