Snapchat Launches Lens Rewards: Unleash Your AR Creativity

Snapchat has introduced a new program called Lens Creator Rewards, which aims to recognize and reward augmented reality creators who develop popular Lenses.

Lenses have always been a huge draw for Snapchat users, with filters like the iconic Puking Rainbow becoming cultural phenomenons. While some Lenses are created by Snapchat themselves, others are made by users using Lens Studio, an app that allows for AR Lens creation.

Snapchat has announced that each month, both new and existing Lens Studio members have the opportunity to earn up to $7,200 if their creation becomes the top-performing Lens in countries such as the United States, India, and Mexico.

However, it remains unclear whether the reward amounts will be the same for everyone, or how many winners will be selected each month. Nearly 40 countries are eligible for participation, and more information can be found on Snap’s website.

Snapchat has stated that the purpose of this program is to celebrate the most creative Lenses that help Snapchatters express themselves and have fun with their friends. From innovative new looks to immersive AR scenes, these Lenses offer unique and engaging experiences.

The success of Lens Studio can be seen through the fact that its members have already created over 3 million Lenses, which collectively have been viewed more than 5 trillion times. The app is open to anyone who wishes to try their hand at AR Lens creation.

Joseph Darko, Snap’s global head of AR developer relations, expressed his gratitude towards the global community of AR creators, developers, and teams who have contributed to Snapchat’s success. By launching the Lens Creator Rewards Program, Snap aims to recognize the value that AR creators bring to the platform, and support their growth and skill advancement.

Snapchat has previously introduced rewarding initiatives like Spotlight Challenges, which offer cash payouts to users who create top-performing Snaps using specific Lenses, Sounds, or topics.

Additionally, Snapchat recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of Snapchat+, a paid version of the app offering exclusive and pre-release features. The app proudly boasts 4 million subscribers to Snapchat+, which includes over 20 unique features such as chat effects that alter the size and color of messages, as well as their AI bot, My AI.

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