Renowned Extreme Photographer Mikala Jones Killed in Surfing Accident

Renowned photographer Mikala Jones, known for capturing breathtaking images of massive waves, tragically passed away at the age of 44 in a surfing accident.

While exploring the Mentawai Islands in Sumatra, Indonesia with his family, Jones ventured into the ocean on Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, his surfboard fin caused a deep 10-centimeter wound in his left groin, severing his femoral artery, which is a critical blood vessel that supplies blood to the lower limbs.

Surf photographer Woody Woodworth expressed his grief over the loss of Jones, recalling that he had taken the most exceptional surf photograph he had ever seen.

Woodworth explained that cuts from surfboard fins are not uncommon, as some surfers prefer to keep their fins sharp to enhance wave-riding precision.

However, when combined with the immense power of a wave, a fin can pose significant danger, operating like an axe or a cleaver.

Jones is survived by his wife Emma Brereton and his two daughters, Isabella and Violet.

Isabella shared the heartbreaking news of her father’s passing on Instagram, accompanied by a heartfelt tribute through a series of photographs.

Known as a pioneer in point-of-view surf photography and videography, Jones revolutionized the field by capturing scenes from the inside of colossal waves.

Unlike traditional photographers who languished on the beach or photographed other surfers, Jones harnessed his skills from the unique perspective of a crouched position on his board, surrounded by towering waves.

In many of his remarkable shots, viewers could catch glimpses of stunning sunrises and sunsets through the curl of the wave in front of him.

Born in Kailua, Hawaii, Jones began his surfing journey at a young age and eventually turned professional.

In the 1990s, he began experimenting with capturing self-portraits while enjoying the water. Jones ingeniously attached a camera to fabric fasteners on his board and positioned the camera under his chin, capturing pictures as he paddled while lying on his stomach.

Upon standing, he would retrieve the camera and hold it behind himself to continue capturing mesmerizing shots.

Starting with this innovative approach, Jones eventually transitioned to using GoPro cameras once they became available. The lightweight devices opened up new possibilities, and Jones further refined his technique.

His unrelenting passion and talent caught the attention of GoPro, who eventually sponsored him. Jones would use special software to stitch together images collected from multiple GoPro cameras, offering viewers an immersive 360-degree experience.

Among the numerous remarkable shots taken by Jones, one stands out as particularly outstanding.

This photograph, featured on the cover of The Surfer’s Journal, showcases Jones in a stunning wave tube with his left arm gracefully extended.

The translucence of the wall of the wave resembles a pristine mirror, reflecting both the sun’s rays and Jones himself. Woodworth praised this photograph, describing it as “beyond spectacular,” achieving perfection technologically, artistically, and conceptually.

In his words, this image transcends and secures its position as the “Olympic-winner-of-all-time photograph,” according to AP.

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