Would you trust Canon’s AI assistant to cull your photos?

Canon just announced an AI-powered Lightroom plugin that will cull your photos for you.

Ever shoot thousands of photos at a wedding or an event? Culling those photos can seem mundane at the best of times especially if the photos are obviously bad – completely out of focus, accidental clicks, etc.

Canon is here to help with its new ‘Photo Culling Plugin’ by picking the best photo from a large set based on criteria you can set including sharpness, noise, exposure, contrast, closed eyes, and red eyes. It will be powered by the Canon Computer Vision AI engine and is more of an assistant that is there to help you rather than being set in stone.

It will assess the images based on the criteria you set and give appropriate colored flags that you can review later and make final decisions. It will only be available at Adobe Exchange Marketplace for a monthly fee.

This could prove to be helpful for photographers who have a habit of overshooting every scene to get that perfect photo. You can watch the release video below.

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