IBIS is coming to Fujifilm X-T4

We are at that time of the year again where most manufacturers are gearing up to release new products. Numerous leaks are coming out which suggests that the next iteration of Fuji’s X-T series camera will come with IBIS.

The XT series in Fuji’s lineup has never had IBIS unlike its cousin cameras in the XH range. The leaked reports on the replacement for X-T3 have all but confirmed that we can expect sensor stabilization for the X-T4.

This will come as a surprise for a lot of people because Fuji has been adamant in the past that their lens mount is too narrow to accommodate a sensor that can shift while not losing resolution.

This will make the XH series cameras a really tough sell as IBIS was the biggest differentiator between the two.

The camera will be announced in February and begin shipping in March.

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