Body cameras now worn by bakery staff to deter stealing

Workers at the popular British bakery chain Greggs will soon be equipped with body cameras in response to an increase in incidents involving stolen pastries.

Greggs operates over 2,500 stores across the United Kingdom, surpassing the number of Subway and McDonald’s locations in the country combined.

Known for its affordable “sausage rolls” priced at approximately $1.82 each (£1.45), Greggs holds a special place in the hearts of many Britons.

To combat the rising trend of thefts targeting sausage rolls and attacks on staff members, Greggs has decided to roll out body cameras for employees at select London stores.

These wearable cameras have a recording capacity of 90 minutes and are activated by employees in situations requiring documentation of confrontations or thefts.

Staff members at Greggs are instructed to press the power button on the body cameras for five seconds to initiate the recording process.

As a part of a trial run, the bakery chain is implementing the use of these wearable cameras in its busiest London stores, with signs posted outside to inform customers of their presence.

The sign displayed outside the stores states, “To ensure the safety of our customers and colleagues, we’re trialing body-worn cameras in this shop. Audio and video will be recorded.”

A source revealed to the U.K. publication The Sun that the introduction of cameras aims at enhancing the protection of store employees amid concerns of potential attacks.

The source mentioned, “The cameras were introduced as staff were getting worried they could be attacked… Everyone’s noticed there’s more shoplifting. If it was filmed on a bodycam there’s more of a chance they would be put off trying.”

Alternatively, another staff member expressed skepticism to the news source, doubting the effectiveness of the body cameras in preventing thefts within Greggs branches.

The employee shared, “They don’t really do much because they take five seconds to power up and start recording… By the time you’ve got it on, the thieves are gone.”

Despite the reported increase in theft incidents, Greggs experienced a substantial growth in sales in 2023, with revenues soaring by nearly 20% over the past year.

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