Darktable 3.0.0 released

Opensource photo processing software Darktable has just released a major update for its software. Version 3.0.0 comes with a whole host of key new features that the users have been asking for a while.

  • The entire GUI has been updated so it is now themeable and comes with a whole host of default themes already installed.
  • There are also a few new shortcuts so you can toggle things like the histogram, sidebars, navigation modules with ease.
  • The lighttable view has a new timeline and is also made to be usable on 4k and 5k monitors.
  • You can now also export directly to Google Photos from within the software and create albums if necessary.
  • All your tagged photos can be viewed in a hierarchy and are also searchable.

This is on top of making the software more efficient as a whole with CPU and other processing improvements.

Darktable map mode

With Adobe moving to a subscription-based model for its photography applications, more and more hobbyist photographers are looking for free/one-time payment solutions to process their RAW files.

Darktable is able to provide a workflow with non-destructive editing similar to paid options. The software is cross-platform and supports all popular image formats. You can download the software from which also where you can see a complete list of features.

If you are a user who has switched to Darktale from Adobe products, please let us know how your transition went and whether you were able to meet all your needs.

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