Ricoh halts GR III series firmware updates due to memory bug

Exciting news for photographers using the Ricoh GR III and GR IIIx compact cameras, Ricoh Imaging has announced some new firmware updates. However, there was an issue discovered with these updates, leading to a temporary halt in their availability for download.

The problem lies with a new customize setting feature that allows users to remember or reset certain camera settings when the camera is powered on or off. Unfortunately, any settings left unchecked would reset to default values for all user modes, rather than just the mode being used. This could be inconvenient for photographers who heavily rely on their customized user modes.

For those who have already installed the firmware updates, it is recommended by Ricoh Imaging to keep all settings checked in the customize setting memory menu until a fixed firmware update is released. The company is currently working on a revised update that will address this issue and it should be ready for download soon.

In addition to the customize setting feature, the previous firmware updates introduce other new features. These include pinch gesture controls for thumbnail views in the playback mode, the ability to select photos by shooting date, and two new design options for the electronic level’s display customization menu. Close-up photographers will also appreciate the new 0.3m focus distance available in the snap focus distance menu.

The firmware update also promises improved stability, although it’s worth noting that this claim comes with a slight disclaimer. Nevertheless, it’s always great to see companies actively working on enhancing their products.

When the revised firmware is ready, photographers can visit Ricoh Imaging’s website to download it and take advantage of the new features and improvements. Keep an eye out for this exciting update!

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