Fujifilm accuses Eastman Kodak of patent violation in new lawsuit

Two well-known companies in the film photography sector, Fujifilm and Eastman Kodak, are gearing up to engage in a legal dispute. Fujifilm Corporation has taken legal action against Eastman Kodak Company by filing a lawsuit for patent infringement at the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

In a recent press release, Fujifilm has highlighted four patents related to processless lithographic printing plate technologies that are the subject of the dispute. These patents cover various aspects, including method and apparatus claims, with patent numbers 10,427,443, 10,525,696, 10,875,346, and 11,294,279.

Fujifilm is pushing for remedies such as compensatory damages and injunctive relief in response to the alleged unauthorized activities by Eastman Kodak. The focus is on the commercial production, use, and sale of processless lithographic printing plate products within the United States, specifically citing products like “Sonora X” and “Sonora Xtra” under the Kodak brand.

The Sonora X and Xtra products are commonly used for printing various materials, including magazines, as demonstrated in a video released by Eastman Kodak. Fujifilm has emphasized its commitment to safeguarding its significant investments in research and development, ensuring the protection of innovative printing plate technologies for customers globally.

Toyoyuki “Tommy” Katagiri, division president of Fujifilm North America Corporation, Graphic Communication Division, asserts the company’s stance on upholding innovation and intellectual property rights. Fujifilm intends to take legal action whenever it believes that unfair patent infringements have occurred, both in the United States and internationally.

Aside from the ongoing legal dispute in the US, Fujifilm Corporation has also initiated legal proceedings against Eastman Kodak’s European subsidiaries. The lawsuits target Kodak GmbH, Kodak Graphic Communications GmbH, and Kodak Holding GmbH for allegedly infringing on European counterparts to Fujifilm’s American patents.

The protection of intellectual property in the realm of processless lithographic printing plates is crucial for Fujifilm to support its diverse clientele, including small family-owned printing businesses and larger enterprises. Fujifilm boasts products like the Superia ZX Plates, touted as the company’s latest innovative offering with enhanced durability, visibility, scratch resistance, and production efficiency.

In a broader context, the legal clash between Fujifilm and Eastman Kodak sheds light on the lesser-known facets of these industry giants. While photographers may recognize Fujifilm for its cameras and lenses and associate Kodak with film stocks, both companies delve into various products and technologies beyond these familiar items. Similar to Nikon’s involvement in medical imaging tech, Fujifilm and Eastman Kodak prioritize innovations in sectors that may not directly intersect with the photography field.

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