Laowa Unveils Nanomorph 1.5x Anamorphic Cine Lenses in 65mm and 80mm

Laowa has recently announced their 65mm T2.4 and 80mm T2.4 Nanomorph Super 35mm compact cinema lenses. These lenses were showcased at NAB 2023 in Las Vegas and are now launching on Indiegogo.

The new lenses join Laowa’s existing Nanomorph range and complete the lineup nicely, offering a focal length range from 27mm to 80mm.

Designed for Super 35mm sensors, the Nanomorph lenses are the most compact and lightweight telephoto anamorphic lenses ever made. They are perfect for lightweight run & gun setups, allowing for easy handheld shooting or mounting on gimbals, sliders, or even drones.

The lenses have a 1.5x anamorphic squeeze and maintain this ratio throughout their focus range. They also come with three flare options: blue, amber, and neutral silver.

The specifications of the 65mm and 80mm T2.4 Nanomorph lenses have not been released yet. However, we do know that they will have a 55mm filter thread, offering a wide range of filter options and compatibility with matte boxes and larger screw-on filters.

The lenses also feature unified gear positions and use industry-standard MOD 0.8 gears, enabling easy lens swapping without adjusting motors and follow focus units. Additionally, Laowa provides interchangeable mount options for various camera systems, making it more affordable compared to buying multiple copies of the same lens.

In addition to the new lenses, Laowa is introducing a 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter. This adapter allows you to adapt regular rectilinear lenses for anamorphic shooting. While the compatible lenses and focal lengths remain unknown, the adapter appears to screw onto the front end of a lens, offering about a 2x total squeeze ratio.

The lenses and the anamorphic adapter are expected to launch via Indiegogo on August 29th. Pricing details have not yet been released, but during NAB 2023, Laowa mentioned that the lenses would be around $1,000 each. The campaign is likely to offer some discounts, but we’ll have to wait until the launch to know for sure.

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