Nikon Coolpix camera search on Google skyrockets by 8,500%

There has been a resurgence in popularity for compact digital cameras, with a significant increase in searches for the Nikon Coolpix by more than 8,500% in the past year. TikTok seems to be a key player in fueling this trend, particularly for compact point-and-shoot digital cameras from the early 2000s, according to findings by musicMagpie, an online retailer for second-hand goods.

The data collected by musicMagpie points towards the Nikon Coolpix as the most sought-after compact camera, with Google searches seeing a surge of over 8,507% in the last 12 months. On TikTok alone, searches for the Nikon Coolpix camera have shot up by 713%, and videos with the hashtag #nikoncoolpix have attracted over 47 million views on the platform.

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eBay searches for the Nikon Coolpix have also experienced a substantial increase of 700% in the past year, indicating a tangible rise in interest and potential purchases. Alongside the Nikon Coolpix, other retro tech devices like the Motorola Razr, iPod Nano, and Sony Walkman have garnered higher search interest recently, though not matching the popularity of the Nikon Coolpix. MusicMagpie researchers explain that the appeal of the Nikon Coolpix may not stem from its quality but from its availability in a pink color.

Searches for the pink Nikon Coolpix have surged by 488% on TikTok in the last year, possibly influenced by the success of the Barbie movie. Similarly, eBay searches for this pink variant have increased by 525%. In contrast, the black or silver versions of the Nikon Coolpix typically sell for $25 to $76, while pink models command a higher price of around $178.

The second most sought-after color for the Nikon Coolpix is orange, with searches for this hue spiking by 200% on TikTok. This trend of heightened interest driven by social media platforms like TikTok has been observed before, as seen with the surge in demand for the Fujifilm X100 due to TikTok users in the past.

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