OM System OM-1 Set to Enhance Autofocus

After launching the OM System OM-1 Mark II, many photographers were curious, wondering if a simple software update could have sufficed. The new Micro Four Thirds flagship camera offers unique features thanks to upgraded processing power and memory. Nevertheless, to address concerns, OM Digital Solutions (OMDS) has acknowledged feedback and announced a forthcoming firmware update for the initial OM-1.

OM System revealed in a press release that since introducing the OM System OM-1 Mark II, inquiries have poured in about the potential for a firmware update for the original OM-1, which debuted in March 2022. Consequently, they have outlined their intentions for a future firmware upgrade for the OM-1.

Set to release this fall, the update will target two main areas for enhancement.

One area of focus is autofocus. OM vows to enhance “some AF performance capabilities” for the OM-1 later this year, with improved S-AF and C-AF performance in all-target mode to enhance overall autofocus performance and assist photographers in capturing better shots.

Additionally, the firmware patch will enhance operability by enabling users to designate the trash (delete) button as a shortcut for menu access — a change that mimics the revised controls on the OM-1 Mark II.

Considering that the enhanced performance and features of the OM-1 II primarily stem from improved hardware, the update can only bring certain improvements to the original OM-1 via firmware. OMDS clarifies that it won’t introduce some new features like Live GND and AI detection autofocus for humans to the OM-1.

Moreover, while the upcoming firmware update in the fall will improve the OM-1’s autofocus functionality, OMDS specifies that there will remain a performance disparity between the original camera and the new OM-1 II.

Although the new firmware update won’t transfer all the features of the latest OM-1 Mark II to the original OM-1 — which is logical given the enhanced capabilities of the new model — it still presents a valuable enhancement for original OM-1 owners who have no plans to upgrade to the OM-1 Mark II.

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