Photographer Takes Revenge, Deletes Cousin’s Unpaid Wedding Pictures

Did a Photographer Handle a Payment Dispute Unprofessionally?

A recent incident on Reddit has sparked controversy in the photography community. The user, MostFitBobo, shared their experience of deleting their cousin’s wedding photos after a payment disagreement.

As a semi-professional photographer, MostFitBobo had agreed to provide their services for $1,000. Their condition was that the payment should be made in full before delivering the pictures.

Trouble arose when the cousin expressed a desire to set up a payment plan over eight months instead. MostFitBobo agreed but insisted that the photos would only be released after full payment.

However, in February, the cousin requested to see samples of the photos before making the final payment. MostFitBobo sent four pictures, but the cousin took an extended period to respond, claiming they were discussing it with their spouse.

Frustrated by the delay, MostFitBobo urged the cousin to start making payments. Unfortunately, they were ignored once again. Coincidentally, MostFitBobo’s roommate needed to use the flash drive where the photos were stored, so the photographer decided to delete all the files, including the wedding photos, to accommodate them.

In an attempt to make amends, MostFitBobo sent the existing photos saved on their phone to the cousin free of charge.

However, this act did not mend the relationship between the two and resulted in severe backlash for the photographer. The cousin began to slander MostFitBobo online, leading to tension within their families. Although MostFitBobo feels responsible for the fallout, they believe they were justified in their actions given the circumstances.

After posting their story on the subreddit, MostFitBobo received support from fellow Redditors who agreed that the cousin had not fulfilled their end of the agreement. However, wedding expert Zoe Burke highlighted the importance of having a physical contract in situations like these, as it protects both parties if complications arise.

In another recent viral post on Reddit, a photographer demanded $1,000 to learn the art of horse photography. Owning your skills is essential for any photographer, but proper communication and clear agreements are equally important in avoiding conflicts like these.

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