Bride Demands Refund from Photographer Over Groom’s Cheating Encounter with Second Shooter

Have you ever heard of a crazy wedding photography story? Well, get ready for the craziest one ever. Recently, a photographer received a refund request from a bride because her husband had an affair with the photographer’s second shooter. Can you believe it?

According to Reddit user Wedding_dude, this incident happened at a wedding earlier this summer. The photographer’s usual second shooter couldn’t make it, so they found a replacement online. Everything seemed fine during the wedding, and the photos were taken and edited as usual. However, a few weeks after the ceremony, the photographer received an email from the bride.

In the email, the bride asked for a refund, claiming that the replacement second shooter had slept with her husband after the wedding. To support her claim, she even attached photos from her husband’s phone. It goes without saying that the groom’s actions were completely wrong. But now, the photographer was left wondering how to handle this situation.

The photographer considered the job completed, as they had delivered the final product as promised. However, they couldn’t help but feel that this was a unique circumstance. It’s like being a professional dog walker who returns the dog safe and sound, but something unexpected happens afterwards.

As Wedding_dude sought advice on how to handle the situation, one particular comment stood out: “Offer her a discount on her next wedding.” Though it may seem funny given the circumstances, it does pose an interesting solution.

In the end, the photographer sympathizes with the bride but also recognizes the effort and time put into the work. It’s a tough dilemma, and each person may handle it differently. Perhaps a compromise, such as a partial refund, could be considered. After all, the photographer shouldn’t be blamed for something that happened after the wedding. What do you think? How would you deal with this situation?

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