Flickr Pro prices going UP

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Following on from our earlier report where Sumgmug CEO wrote an open letter asking users to sign up for Flickr Pro, the company has today announced that its prices will be going up.

Prices going forward are as follows:

  • $6.99 for 1 month
  • $18.99 for 3 months
  • $59.99 for a year
  • $117.99 for 2 years

The above prices do not include tax. The company is offering current Pro users the opportunity to renew at the lower prices one last time. You can read the email below:

Flickr email to users

This does not come as a complete surprise. If you read between the lines in last month’s email, it was obvious that the SMUGMUG was not willing to keep losing money from Flickr.

Whether this will be enough to make Flickr profitable is yet to be seen. The photography industry is full of monthly subscription pricing models and we are not sure if people are willing to pay for yet another service. If there is ever a follow up from Sumugmug to update us on their profitability, we will be sure to cover it.

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