YouTube Shorts Unveils Live Streaming and Remix Collabs

YouTube has exciting updates in store for its Shorts feature. Inspired by other platforms, they’re bringing split-screen collaborations and remixing, similar to TikTok and Reels. And for live stream enthusiasts, you can now live stream on Shorts with all the monetisation features you love.

Six new features are on the way for Shorts, some already available and others coming soon. You’ll be able to create split-screen collaborations, respond to other people’s shorts, and remix using audio on top of your video. Plus, there are new effects, stickers, and interactive stickers to explore.

Usability improvements are also on their way. YouTube will support live streaming on Shorts, expanding your reach to a mobile audience in real-time. And for consumers, adding Shorts to playlists allows you to curate and organize them for future viewing, particularly handy for Stories with multiple parts.

Last but not least, YouTube is introducing recomposition tools for creators. Now, you can easily transform your existing long-form content into Shorts. Choose a video to remix, and you’ll have the option to zoom, crop, and adjust the layout. You can even create split-screen videos with yourself!

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